About Pure

Kacey Parker founder of Pure LLC Sustainable Lighting Solutions

Pure, Ltd. was formed by me, Kacey Parker in 2009 after working for 8 years in the lighting design industry. During this time I discovered there are so many ways to save energy and be more efficient, while having help to pay for projects due to the incredible rebate programs available in Colorado. Through growing and evolving over the years I have helped businesses and residences run their daily operations more efficiently by making changes to their lighting, whether it be through fixture replacement or retrofit, HVAC systems, window replacement, Solar systems, and more. All building envelopes, no matter what the size or use, can benefit from immediate cash savings as well as immediate cash rebates available for these changes from local utility companies.

Thus, formed Pure, Ltd. which in turn has formed multiple alliances and relationships with other expert consultants and industry trades to provide the best products and services in today’s market. We look forward to working with you!

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